We always welcome new members find a group you are happy to run with. We are a very wide range of ages and abilities. You can run with us for a few weeks before you join the club.

We typically run for around 45 minutes to an hour and between 5 and 10k (3 to 6 miles). On Mondays we have around 6 to 8 groups running a wide range of paces so it's easiest to start on Monday. If you can jog 5k in under 40 minutes you will be fine. 

If you are new to running:

We have 9 week "couch to 5k courses" starting with walking and building up gradually to jogging 5k (3 miles). It's lots of fun and you will make some good friends. It's best to contact us first so you can join the course near the start. 

We also run 9 week "5 to 10k" courses following on from to the "couch to 5k". At the end of this course you will be enjoying running with the club and maybe going to 10k races.

Contact us if you have any questions.